UI/UX inspiration from these epic websites

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Hey, developers, this is my 3rd Post on this topic and now I'm bringing 10 epic websites UI/UX inspiration. They all are unique and amazing and interactive and many things. Read and see to find out.

Let's Start 🤘👊



Adidas Chile 20

-> Can you see those 3 Bars below products ? They Glow when you hover on product. This is just amazing.

Loven Morcel

Simon Daufresne

-> This has a great scroll feature.

Climate Justice

-> Moving Flag
-> Amazing typography

Kirk Whayman

The Weeknd : Spotify

7.png -> This is hell lotta amazing and best experience.
-> This will take a bit to load but this is a freaking amazing experience.
-> You have to log in with Spotify in order to see.


Virtual Toor GUCCI

-> We all know Gucci by name We can't afford wait, no. It's with the name we can afford but not everything 🤘
-> Get a virtual tool for free guys. 😂
-> It took a bit to load on my (coz of freaking slow internet) pc.

MVP Assembly Line


With Code


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Hrithwik Bharadwaj's photo

Woah those are some epic designs. Thanks for sharing