The Rules of fast learning you can grasp from Musk

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Elon Musk is a philanthropist and an example of pure genius (That's no secret why ? )
He mastered the skills of fast learning. As an entrepreneur, he views problems in a different way than any other entrepreneur.
Here we will talk about 2 rules that he uses to learn faster. 🤘

First Rule

Have A Strong Foundation

Musk is a master of understanding what is at the core of each of the sectors his entrepreneurial ventures sit it.

In other words -> Before learning the in-depth stuff, he makes sure to learn the basics right

The Same Goes For Us

  • Learning half Javascript and then skipping to react will not get you anything it will just waste your time and you'll be left with nothing.
  • So, Basics first (HTML, CSS AND JS) then moving to frameworks(React, Angular etc).

Second Rule

Connect Stuff

"You can't remember what you can't connect" -
Elon Musk

Musk never learns a piece of information at random. Everything he intakes, he connects back to some deeper, more solid base. Musk plants trees every day, which turn into the woods of knowledge.

-> You can do the same by implementing his two rules that are worth and free.

Get the Road Map and learn in the right way and with right resources -> Road Map with resources, front-end development

This short post is for you for fast and effective learning. If you find this useful comment, react and follow.


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