100th Post as blogging as a developer

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I am thrilled to write my 100th post on Hashnode. In this post I will talk about my What I learned from blogging, How it helped me, Ideas and everything? For a 16-year-old guy, this is a huge achievement so sharing my thoughts and views.

☕What I learned from blogging?

  • The main reason for which I started blogging was: To keep track of the things I was learning. We're humans we tend to forget many things day after we learn them. So this was am amazing to keep a track and document what I was learning.
  • I had to find out, that my articles help beginners gain some knowledge and give confidence to code. I have written many posts related to JavaScript (the language everyone thinks is hard and is hard but easy when you practice and learn regularly). People found my articles useful and when in doubt they comment so I get to explain the question they have in mind.
  • Risk : Whenever my new post goes live, my inner self asks me some questions like "Have I wrote good content?", "Will this article help beginner/people?", "What I have learned and wrote is it the correct way?" etc. So I became a risk-taker by this🏄‍♂️.
  • Managing : I am Class 11th student whose major subjects in College are Business Studies and Economics. So it becomes hard to learn something out of the topic. I learned to manage my College exams, work and projects with teaching my self-development.

What/Who inspires me to write?

In #DEVCommunity everyone is sharing some amazing tutorials and articles. I only read selective articles on some topics(or tags). E.g Personal Life, Tutorials, Designing, Projects and Productivity.

I have considered some people who have helped me or has inspired me to write and want to say Thank You.

Tools I use for blogging?

  • Notion : This is the most popular tools many bloggers and developers use. I've it installed and a free pro version for students 😉. It has everything in it. Previously I used to write daily and post daily without caring for the future. So now I have all the articles topics written with the status of completed or not with my learning workflow.
  • Mailchimp : I was not using any email clients for sending mails as hashnode provides that thing for free. But recently I got a mail from one of my readers that it gets a bit irritating to receive daily emails(as I post daily). So I decided to start a weekly newsletter.
  • Canva : All the cover images you have seen on my posts are made from Canva. As a student, I got the Pro version for free.
  • UnDraw : Sometimes I use illustrations from UnDraw.co as they provide for free and have amazing designs.
  • Grammarly : Grammar checking tool is a must for finding error you made in the article. Unfortunately, Grammarly doesn't provide you with Free Student Account😢.

👑 My Wins?

  • 🎂 100th Article
  • 🔐 Writing every day
  • ⚡ I have 50 people subscribing my mailing list.
  • 🤼 1200+ Users, 17k+ views on Hashnode and 85K+ on Dev.to
  • 😷150 Followers on Twitter.


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