10 mistakes to avoid as a beginner in coding

Here in this post, I am going to tell you about the 10 common mistakes you will make or who knows you're still making as a beginner and will clear them all.

First Mistake

Bad Variable Names

-> Variables are essential in programming. Use them as they are intended. It will not make your life easier but also make it easier for people to help you.

let x = 0.4
let interestRate = 0.4

Second Mistake

Repetitive Code

-> Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY). Remember this phrase every time you code. If you're ever copy-pasting your same code in different places, you're falling into this trap.

  • Learn about loops
  • Learn about functions

Third Mistake

Not using comments

-> Early on get the habit of writing comments whenever you create a new function or define logic within your code.
This will help you remember as your codebase grows larger.
It also makes it easier to navigate through your (messy 😂) codes.
Once you've gotten experience start documenting your code properly.

Fourth Mistake

Overusing Frameworks

-> Don't get started with a complex framework without first understanding why you need it in the first place. Ruby, Scala, SQLite, NodeJS, express, whatever. Have Intent.

Most of the time, in the beginning, you can do your basic project with one framework.

Always remember: It's just a tool helping you solve the problem👊.

Fifth Mistake

Not Using Version Control

-> Get in the habit of using version control. Git, svn, or whatever you want.
Just backup your code to avoid frustration

Sixth Mistake

Complicated Code

-> Why are you writing such complicating code? Think about solving the problem simply and efficiently. Simple code is much easier to maintain and understand.

Seventh Mistake

Not Reaching Out For Help

-> You're going to get stuck. Everyone does. Don't give up. Try yourself first. Search for it on google (You'll find most probably on StackOverflow) If you can't find the solution use social media as a tool and ask a question, the amazing developer community on Twitter loves to help.

Eighth Mistake

Have realistic expectations

-> You won't create an app in 2 days or you want create an instagram in 5. Start small. Build few simple projects. Build good habits before trying to move mountains.

Ninth Mistake


  • Don't try learning every new framework.
  • Don't keep watching courses and videos.

Watching is not equalled to learning. Get your hands dirty.


Tenth Mistake

Not Enjoying

This is important

Don't aim to become a developer because it'll pay well or there's "Scope".
These are all by-products. Get into coding because you want to build things and solve problems.
If you don't love what you do, you'll be never good at it.

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