Why coding standards are needed?

Just a small post regarding "Why Coding standards are needed?". Coding standard is a set of guidelines and best practices that developers adhere to when writing source code for the project. Let's see why many people follow them.

Enhanced Efficiency

It would help the team to detect the problems early or even prevent them completely. Work a few hours but make those few hours productive. This will increase efficiency throughout the software process.


  • Minimize the use of if-else
  • Learn concept of dynamic programming
  • Avoid declaring unnecessary variables

Low risk of failure

It happens very often that personal or competition projects fail due to problems while developing software. Coding standards reduce that risk of project failures.

Minimal complexity

If a code is complex, there are higher chances of it being vulnerable to errors. Coding standards help to reduce those errors.

Easy to maintain

The code becomes consistent and can be easily maintained. This is because anyone can understand it and can modify it at any time.

Bug rectification

It becomes really easy to locate and correct bugs in the software it the source code is written in a consistent manner.

Comprehensive look

If the source code maintains consistency, a clear view of how code fits in the larger application or fits into the company as a whole.


A clear code gives the developers an opportunity to re-use the code whenever required. This radically reduces the cost and efforts.

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