The ultimate and free JavaScript resources

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Are you thriving to learn JavaScript? Do you want to learn again in a very interactive way? So, here is my latest blog post I will be giving you guys some free resources that will contain :

  • Books 📚
  • Websites 📳
  • Courses �?
  • YouTube Channels 📽
  • GitHub Repos 📘

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Try searching on Google for #free books, they will show like this one of the top results.

Download or read them online, they will provide you with a deep understanding of JavaScript.

Some eBook links will not redirect you to its official publishers. There are some free versions on some sites.



Each of the sites listed below has an excess of JavaScript information to learn from and refer back to.

From beginners tutorials to full explanations of concepts, these are the best sites to learn from.

Free Courses

undraw_online_learning_ao11.png Some people prefer taking online courses so here are some...

YouTube Channels


Youtube is a great free resource to learn from. Listed below are some fantastic beginners JavaScript playlists to watch and code along to.

Github Repos

undraw_source_code_xx2e.png For GitHub geeks

Read More:-

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Rajendra Basu's photo

I hate Javascript but need to learn it for a project xD. Found your post from another article. Thank you. bookmarking it

Rahul's photo

I hate it too 😂. Though I was revising so thought of making a list that will be useful for me and others too.

Rutik Wankhade's photo

Perfect. I was looking for something to brush up on my knowledge of JavaScript and this is everything I needed. Thanks for curating this list. Bookmarked.

Rahul's photo

Thanks. Hope You Find it Helpful