My 100Hrs of research: HTML nd CSS is not enough

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Hey, guys, it's me. I'm presenting here the epic research I did into web development as a career in 2020 or in coming years. I am glad that you're a web developer but that's not enough right now. See below and you'll find the answer to every question you wouldn't have thought and should. With solution

Who is this post for?

  • Aspiring web developers
  • Are learning development
  • to all my followers 😂

Head on towards

Starting with the basic definition of :

Web Development -> Web development is the work involved in developing a Web site for the Internet. (This is the basic you know ig. ) So, apparently Web Developer -> Person who does web development.

Here onwards there are two types of Web Developers depending on the work Front-End (Designing or the client-side) and Back-End(server-side).

I am not here to bore you with these definitions but just want you to take a look at them. (THANKS 😁)

Web Development: THE END

Why I said the above line?

-> Yes, guys you read right web development just end for people who don't have any idea or are just sticking to only one language. Frontend developers are technically more than backend ones because front-end is easy and the fundamental of web development is easy (HTML, CSS AND JS).

What many people do is after learning just HTML and CSS and basics of JS they start making their profile on freelancing websites (I did earlier) and make landing pages and many types of portfolios and simple static websites.

There are immense of videos on YouTube which says to become a Web Developer easily and all that shit. There is no YouTube video which starts with backend what they start with is Front-End (HTML, CSS and JS) and some people like just following what they are saying. (I am like seriously ?) You guys also know not everyone can be a developer because no one is asking you to draw shit with HTML and CSS in your job. What they want is a problem-solving developer.

There are people on freelancing websites are just ready to do the job for literally ($5) that is full website development. You can't believe there is not a single gig for ($5) full website development there are nearly thousands of gigs there. I am like What the f... . This screws me IDK why.

One Possibility
There are nearly thousands of people learning development that is good and in these thousands, some hundreds have very great ideas and are a type of quick learners. So, don't you think
More developers = Less Jobs (As developers will do the same job in less salary then the other person was doing)

Front-end and Back-end is NOTHING

My views

Yes why learning many things that you don't have an interest or you're learning for the sake of just getting a freaking job. Always Jobs are not everything.

Solution: Why not learning languages you're mostly pro at or finding easy to learn or the market is demanding that more. The languages you don't like just get the basics of them.

Adding a new language to my tech stack Yea, I'm currently learning Python and thinking Python is what should I be pro at not CSS that is because Python is just awesome and has many great qualities. Front-end development sucks.

Small About Me I'm Rahul. (I will not use front-end web developer) Blogger and aspiring Python Developer.

This is just a small piece. Will surely release the second version related to web development but other sub-sector in it.

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