How you can also write a VIRAL content

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The reason many of you want this post is that you have great content but you don't have the right amount of visitors to see or share. Here I'll be sharing some tips and tricks to get some amount of visitors to your contentful blog post.

Why does something get viral?

  • Funny,
  • Unique Writing skill with great content,
  • Or it's related to some trending topic.

Benefit If the post gets viral

  • More traffic
  • More sales
  • You'll build authenticity

Lez Go Comrades 😎💥

Your Headline Matters

Writing an eye-catching headline This is the fundamental thing you should know to get started. writing an eye-catching headline is important is because this is the first thing the viewer sees and head to your website to read the post. This is the only chance to get your viewer to the right place. If your content is good but your headline sucks leave the thought of changing his mind that he should head to your website.

These are something you should consider when writing a headline

  • Let your blog title be short and sweet. Anything over 60 characters is too long!
  • Use bright and catchy adjectives like “effective,” “super,” “amazing,” or “incredible.”
  • Arouse the reader’s curiosity and make a mystery, like. As a developer, you were doing these things wrong! Read how!
  • Use numbers. Many People love seeing digits in a blog header, for egs. 100 ways to draw a person

This is just easy stuff, at the preview of your blog read it like you're only the visitor to your blog. Now think is this correct or is it on the point what I'd searched for? Then you'll get some idea.

After getting post idea just think of many headlines you can and then edit it with your preferences that should look amazing and something that reader want's.

I'm not just breaking some points and explaining. Giving you the basics you should know and you'll succeed

Your content matters

Writing a great content

  • Research For Topic
    Your content should be more effective if you can support your main points with statistics, testimony, stories, anecdotes, examples, visual aids and facts. You can find a hell lotta material on the Internet. For making graphics to explain, you can use for free

  • Writing
    Use images and videos there’s a lot to be said about using visual content in your articles. That’s because it’s a really powerful tool: They get more views than those without Images can more than double your articles shares 101% more comments than the average post. Don't forget to give credit.

  • Write articles like you’re talking to a friend. Nobody likes academic jargon that puts them to sleep.

  • Typography (Optional)
    If there’s something important that you’d like to stand out, then go ahead and bold it…but again, it’s optional.

  • I will not say anything like word count and all. Just write what you have that is explaining the topic with some of yours, only your experiences.

Call to Actions

CTAs are relevant and important because they encourage your audience to take action so they will be getting notifications whenever something new from you is coming.

Types Of CTAs

  • Subscribe
    This CTA invites them to receive updates from the blog. "Subscribe" CTAs are common to company blogs and personal blog for which the business wants to develop a readership. Learn more.

  • Learn more.
    This CTA is for when you want is to give your potential customers a little more information so they're prepared to buy something.

The major CTAs for blogger are these two only. You're not doing marketing here 😂

SEO to Rank

  • Keywords
    Trick to find out what the most popular search terms are, type your keywords and prospect questions into Google’s search bar. Google will show you a list of related searches. Use these terms to update your copy and inform blog topics. Free and easy! By seeing keywords you can set your titles/heading too.

  • Content
    Content Helps You Generate Backlinks - One of the best SEO strategies is to gain high-quality backlinks from high-authority websites. ... Quality Content Provides a Great User Experience - SEO involves various strategies such as generating backlinks, writing quality blog posts and using good keywords.

  • Website checkup
    If you don’t have your page titles, URLs, image tags (alt-tags), and meta descriptions (yes, they matter) in place, you’re doing your SEO. Want to see a preview of how it will all look right Google? You can explore your options as you write them with this cool Google SERP snippet optimization tool from Mangools. These on-page SEO factors affect your individual page rank in search results so make sure to get these optimized.

  • Check Backlinks
    Check your backlinks. You can easily run a report using the SEMrush Backlink Checker or Moz Open Site Explorer . Download your data and take a look at who’s referring to your site.

  • Loading Speed
    Best-in-class webpages should load within 3 seconds. Any slower and visitors will abandon their journey to your site. Try to make your website speed fast.

  • Get SSL certificate Google wants everything on the web to be travelling over a secure channel (https). That’s why in the future your browser will flag unencrypted websites as unsecure.

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