Top 5 Award winning stunning portfolio you should check in 2020

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Well, this is not the same average blog posts you will find on every website. I have researched on google and these portfolios are really very very very different.

-> You should see so you'll get inspired and can use the same designs with some changes.

Let's start


-> Portfolio of Vincent Saïsset, Interactive Developer based in Paris.
-> Website has very cool scrolling animation.


-> Portfolio of Vladimir UI/UX designer focused on web applications and product pages.
-> This website has cool 3d box animation it moves when you move the your Arrow.


-> Portfolio of Digital designer, Aleksandr.
-> Cool emoji loading, Fonts and many things.


->Portfolio of Solomia, UI/UX designer
-> The very best and cool design.


-> Portfolio of creative agency, Bitsens.

I literally can't describe the design of these very best portfolios. I think just give your time and see these websites, they are literally worth your time. You can upgrade your portfolio by seeing these designs too.

This is the First blog post on this. More to come.

Thanks for Reading lol not reading seeing those very cool portfolios. 😁

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