Best practices and advantages of using React

Hey, developers from a few months I have started learning frameworks. I am currently learning React . According to me react is a very simpler language to learn, saying frankly I took so much time for javascript(still learning) but react is easy and fast to understand and develop. So here in this post, I will share you some advantages and best practices you should follow.


  • Close with JS: React uses Javascript and JSX for building components. All JS features can be used with react's Development.
  • Component Reusability: Re-use of assets is one feature, developers ever grateful for whatever the topic of ReactJS comes up. Re-using the same component object makes workflow less stressful for developers and a lot more productive.
  • Virtual DOM (Fast rendering): This approach enables the declarative API of React -> You tell React what state you want the UI to be in, and it makes sure the DOM matches the state.
  • Code stability: React allows for direct work with components and uses downward data binding to ensure that changes in child structure don't affect their parents. That makes code stable...
  • SEO friendly: Used by both Fortune 500 companies and innovative startups.
  • React Hooks(Improves state management): From React 16.8, The greatest Hook's an asset is that it allows sharing state logic between components without rearchitecting the whole code block.
  • Robust community: React was one of the Javascript - Connected project released as open-source by FaceBook. That means ReactJS users all advantages of free access, a lot of os useful applications and additional tools from off-company developers.
  • Wide React and Redux toolset: Both react and redux comes with a decent set of related dev tools that make a developer's life easier e.g. React developer tools extension for chrome.

Here we end with the advantages of React.

React best practices 😍

While working on your React-powered creations, you should be careful to do things in tune with the react best practices. This will help to keep your code better organized.

  • Keep components small and function-specific.
  • Reusability is important, so keep the creation of a new component to the minimum required.
  • Name the component after it's functionality: It's a good idea to name a component after the function that is executed so that it's easily recognizable.
  • Use capitals for components name: If like most folks, you're using JSX, the names of the components you create need to begin with uppercase letters.
  • All files related to any one component should be in a single folder: If there's any small component use by particular component only, it makes sense to keep these smaller components all together within that component folder.
  • Put CSS in Javascript: Here are some libraries you can choose to work on

  • Comment only where necessary

    • Consolidate duplicate code - DRY your code
    • Separate stateful aspects from rendering (Keep logical things separate from UI/JSX)
    • Use snippet libraries (ES7 React, Redux , JS Snippets )
    • Write tests for all the code
    • Follow linking rules

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